Tinker bell must be hungry!

Breakfast time, Nanny Alice's favorite time of the day to think up new humiliating encounters! After all, Tinkerbell must be hungry!

Tinkerbell is strapped into the hard high chair. 

Nanny Alice prepares some gloopy food for her, Weetabix, fruit and milk mixed in.

"Aren't you fortunate Tinkerbell that I have not given you cold spinach with mashed up peas" 

Protesting, Tinkerbell is fed messily with a big spoon. "mmm - doesn't this look lovely, eat your lovely food Tinkerbell, here's the tunnel,` - here comes the train!"

Nanny takes a break from spooning food into Tinkerbell's mouth:

She pauses to read the morning paper, she has a stretch, she enjoys her own lovely food, a chocolate biscuit. How scrummy! She has a cup of tea?

 "How`s your bottom Tinkerbell? Is it hurting? Oh dear...is it painful sitting on that hard seat?"

Nanny taunts Tinkerbell that if she was a good girl, she would be outside playing with her friends, eating nice food.

Tinkerbell's face turns bright red like her bottom, as she is teased and humiliated.