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Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London

Nanny Alice's adult baby diaper lover (ABDL) nursery, exploring the bizarre, here in London, UK.

I am happy to let my little charges, or those 'adventerous' little sissies, who want to be humiliated, wet their nappies, but there will be no defecating in them! I keep a variety of diapers and nappies, as well as numerous outfits. If you have special requirements outside the norm, such as nappy/dress size etc, tell me and/or bring a supply along with you.

I may wear gloves when dealing with my charges wet nappy. After being cleaned up I am more than happy to powder you and place a clean nappy on without using gloves as I believe in creating emotional intimacy in my Adult Babes Diaper Lover nursery, but not at the expense of hygiene!

Naturally when I am changing nappies etc, washing, wiping and powdering I come into contact with 'bits & pieces'. For a 'full-on' sexual encounter a broad minded escort could be a better option than myself.

I understand if you want to bringing along your own clothes, and are more than welcome to model them for me. The same in regard to any toys. I am more than happy for you to bring them along but if they are 'insertables' they have to be unused, in their original, unsealed packaging. I do not handle other peoples insertable toys that have been already used.  I have an extensive selection of my own toys that I sterilise myself. In doing so I know these toys are hygienic for me to be handling at my Adult Babe nursery here in London UK.

Though I place my charges in my arms and have them snuggle up for their bottle feed, I do not engage in actual breast feeding.  I expect my personal boundaries to be respected. Likewise I respect the boundaries of my visitors.

I, Nanny Alice, am always dressed appropriately around my little ones and my sissies for their nursery experience, but naturally there may be times when my charges are in a stage of undress:)

Discretion is the key when out and about in the public arena. You are not to draw undue attention to yourself by manner of dress, action or speech, unless it is the sort of event and/or venue that allows that. 

Nappies can be worn discreetly under clothing, but outward appearances of your interests are not permitted when outside with me. I can always find some clothing that is inoffensive to the general public, but that has a certain secret 'babe twist' to it than only you and I are party to. Indoors it is another matter and I will dress you up to express your inner babe and/or inner sissy.

My time, energy and creativity is to be respected. I expect that the vast majority of my babes and sissies will be a joy to have for the Adult Babes Diaper Lover experience here in Central London UK. But, if this ethos is something you will have difficulty with, better to not contact me. 





Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London UK. 

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London

As you can see, Nanny Alice can look a bit stern if her adult babes and sissies start being 'naughty' at my bizarre Nursery here in Central London UK. Then she will need to put them through their paces!!