Outside diaper slutty sissy humiliation...

What happened to Jay in August...


I Nanny Alice am a cruel stepmother who keeps Jay diapered at home even though he is over 18.


One bright morning I told Jay that we were going shopping. I lay out his clothes; a double thick diaper, pink, shiny plastic panties with white lace round the leg holes and waist. Tight baby blue velour shorts and a tight blue "my little pony t shirt'. He is also to wear a pink satin training bra underneath. The straps are clearly visible.


I sniggered as I dressed him, all the while he was beging me not to make me go out like this. His bottom looked fat and bulky and the shorts showed his panties unless he was very careful. I threatened him with a caning unless he complied. A pacci was put in his mouth to stop the whimpering.I made him look in the mirror once he was dressed. He had to describe what he was wearing and what he look like.


Off to town we go, he thinks everyone is looking at him (and they are!). I take him to a shoe shop and he has to have his feet measured. As he puts up his foot his panties are clearly shown - the shop assistant comments on them and he blushes deeply. I take my time buying him pink trainers with girly stars on the side. We go to a dress shop. I ask them to take Jay's measurements. It is a male assistant. He tells Jay that he needs to strip. He looks to me pleadingly but I nod impatiently and tell him to get on with it, there is no time like the present to sort everything out. Jay reluctantly takes of his shorts and t-shirt. The man smiles. He measures Jay's chest and fusses round his nipples with the tape. He tells Jay he needs to adjust his panties to measure his waist, so they get pulled down a bit and measured then pulled up very high and tight. This assistant runs his finger round Jay's waistband. He pats his bottom. "What a sweet sissy" he says.


I need to use the toilet, so tell Jay to look at material while I am gone... Jay ends up forced to his knees, how unfortunate! How did that happen Jay!! Down on his knees getting up to god knows what!!! Well, the shop assistant did realize you are a little sissy slut.  Best not to elaborate on what other things he says and what he makes you do, so humiliating!! What, he pulled your nipples roughly and you were making moaning noises all over the place.


Here I am, back and watching disapprovingly with my hands on my hips, tut tutting. I better take out my phone and film this for prosperity. What on earth is this noise and mess being made, this assistant obviously has everything he needs now, total tart you are Jay!

I will have to grab your ear, remind you of what a little slut you are AGAIN, how you need to be punished AGAIN.



So down I pull your panties, put another diaper on, then pull some pink plastic nursery print panties up on top. The panties are taut as a drum on your thick double diaper, just the way I like it. I then choose a metallic pink leotard from the shop for you to wear, putting the pacci back in your mouth to shut you up. The leotard does not cover your panties, the thick plastic clearly shows and it is obvious you are diapered. I need to go to the checkout and pay with all the shop assistants covering their mouths

and laughing at this sissy with me.


As punishment I make you waddle back to the car with your fat bum sticking up. What a performance, with you blushing and whimpering all the way.

Once in the car I strap you in and then decide to try to be understand, why a trial you are Jay! So, lets stroke you gently though the leotard, all the while asking you if you enjoyed being shown off. You say no, but I continue to stroke and do baby talk "does mommies sissy want to cry? Everyone saw your diaper, they all know", " poor sissy" ," come on let your tears out, there there. " "What happened in the shop... You are so noisy.... I know you like the panties you are wearing, don't you". 


After a while I made you beg me to do a 'you know what', all the while stroking you with my long red sharp fingers nails. "What a mess you make in your diaper"...