Fairy deserves pain.

Pants down, her bottom is closely inspected to ensure she is fit to be punished. 

Bent over, the entrance to her anus is cleaned with a large dollop of alcohol.

Then her temperature is taken for a good few minutes with a rectal thermometer.  

"Good" declares Nanny Alice - you are fit to be severely punished!

Fairy is then bent over and strapped and spanked hard on her bare bottom and upper thighs.  Nanny Alice concentrates on those sitty-down bits which will make Fairy whimper for some days. This is a severe spanking that will leave Fairy's bottom very sore... 

She is then turned onto her back on the floor in the nursery position, and also beaten inside her thighs and buttock cheeks... "Oh" thinks Nanny as she spanks Fairy - "that must really hurt...but then Fairy does not deserve anything else..."

"Oh dear - would you like some cream on all you sore little places? Well, you do have a lot of sore little places now...don`t you Fairy?" 

But perhaps Nanny Alice thinks it would be more fun to put hot cream on her little sore places - then Fairy will really have something to whine about!!

Fairy is trussed up in rugh rope, not much sympathy coming from Nanny - 'keep still Fairy' and not cream is liberally applied in and arund Fairy's little bottom hole. Nanny finally puts some stinging nettles inside the newly applied nappy and smears it by all of Fairy's private little places. Then, grimly, she tighs up Fairy so she can't even wriggle around, let alone escape.....

Even Nanny can`t resist a smile as Fairy wails in frustration and pain. Poor Fairy can barely contain herself she is now so raw.

After a while, she is given one last over the knee spanking, and then a nice cold creaming. 

Nanny smiles with grim satisfaction at the sight of Fairy, who has been taught a well-earned lesson.

"Life is not fair Fairy, get used to it!!"