'Big' boy diapered…


A 'Big boy' brought down to size with diapers and plastic pants


Joseph came rushing through my front door into the cosy Adult Baby Nursery I have created . It seems he had been bursting to do a wee wee and, low and behold, end up wetting himself on the way to my premises, leaving a small wet patch on the front of his trousers.  How embarrassing, being a 'big boy' and peeing all over himself!  I did have a chuckle to myself, it's so easy to bring these 'big boys' down to size.  It is my policy that 'big boys' who have accidents can't go around like that, wearing soiled clothing.  So I let him know in no uncertain terms that he would have to wear a disposable diaper with plastic pants snuggly fitted on top when I had 'sorted him' out. That is my unique solution to this pressing problem, and no amount to begging me to not do that to him, will make any difference.  Naturally, his 'big boy' trousers would have to be put over the radiator to dry the crutch region and thank goodness I have a large supply of disposable (and terry nappies for that matter) in my Adult Baby store cupboard for 'big boy' emergencies. 


Joseph wasn't happy about the situation he found himself in, but he must have realised there was no point in arguing with me unless he was looking for a severe over-the-knee spanking. I undressed him s-l-o-w-l-y,  i-n-c-r-e-a-s-i-n-g his embarrassment, winking and commenting in a playful way  as to how very thoroughly soaked he seemed to be.

Then I decided, nothing like the present time, to place him on my nappy changing table and freshen him up!  First thoroughly wiped over with baby wet wipes (Johnson's are my favourite, I just love the smell of them). Then a good generous squirt of zinc and castor cream. This is massaged in to all those delicate areas very s-l-o-w-l-y, before a dusting down of baby talc.  At his point he can't help himself.  No matter how he tries to avoid it, he notices there is a ceiling mirror above him.  No escape, all of him, as he lies flat on his back, and my administering to his needs, are in FULL view. What a sight it is!


Then he needed to get up and stand before me as I had decided it would be a good idea to check his temperature.  Better to be safe than sorry. Who knows why he is wetting his pants, I need to get to the bottom of this problem.  And bottom is the operative work here!  I have a special  'rectal thermometer' that gives a more accurate reading than a standard one.  Of course, it is important to make sure Joseph had lots of lubricant slipped up this delicate area of his posterior. So, with my sitting on a high chair over my lap and knees he went, his bottom right in the air.  First up went one of my slender gloved fingers to check there was room and no hindrances. Next, I slowly slid the thermometer inside his delicate behind, to take his temperature. He was not comfortable with me, Nanny Alice, doing this and did so, SO fidget. What a wriggler I had on my lap.  I told him to stop this carry on or I would get Ella, the Adult Baby Nursery maid to come in and watch. Did he want 2 sets of eyes on him, taking in his humiliating circumstances?  Or just one, MINE!

After keeping Joseph firmly gripped down in this position, over my lap with this feet spread apart (and on tip toes or else!!!)  I slid my thermometre out of his bottom and nope, no temperature. All was fine (or was it??).


I did notice, being a highly observant  Nanny to 'big boys', that when looking down, there was a 'lump'!  So, that clears up that mystery as to what I had felt on my lap (when he bent over). It was was nothing other than his genital regions. Granted, a small tinny weeny lump, but being as vigilant as I am, I noticed it all the same. How could a 'big boy' have such a tiny thimbleful down there.  Even though it was so small and pathetic, there still was no way I would be able to get his disposable diaper slipped over that, when he is in that state.  It was sticking right up. Pathetic Joseph, he just can't control himself!

I gave Johnny a scolding and told him it was all  'mind over matter' and to think of his grandmothers false teeth. That did the trick! Under my careful watchful eye he must have come to the conclusion that there was no escape for the likes of him. I was then able diaper him up, tightening the tapes around his waist, so as to make sure the diaper was was nice and tight. A form of chastity in the making I say. Afterwards, I placed the see through blue plastic pants I had specially chosen for Joseph to wear over his diaper. He looked so snaggy diapered up. 


With his disposable diaper and plastic pants, his now dry trousers were only just able to squeeze on over. Unfortunately for Joseph his 'bulkiness' was now accentuated. Any observant passer by, out there in the so called 'real world', could but not notice a 'big boy' wearing something s-u-s-p-i-c-i-o-u-s under his trousers.  It was quite a sight.


With Josep all diapered up, I sent him on his way out into that big bad world. Hopefully he will not have an 'accident' and end up down at A & E. Now, that would be EMBARRASSING!