.... Being forcibly and strictly babified.


Regressed, infantalised, restrained, rigidly harnessed, to be punished and disciplined, producing real tears from the "cry baby" I am. This is surely the height of ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL CONTROL.


The extent and degree was decided by Nanny Alice. She enforced the level of communication allowed, be it muffling, the gagging, the immovability. She decided when I, the adult baby was allowed only to crawl rather than walk. It was all up to her!


 She decided to sit me down (tied, bound and gagged) on her adult baby potty whilst preparing the food and multitudes of drinky. This was AFTER Nanny Alice had subjected me to an initial (read horrible here) over-the-knee restrained spanking to soften up my botty for potential further Corporal Punishment. Or should it be described as "persuasion".


The "props," the cot and high-chair were used to her advantage but more importantly were the environment and attitude of the all controlling, nonchalant, hyper strict nanny she command-idly was. All the clothing, bottles, nappies, rubber pants, dress, bib, and bonnet reinforced her ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL CONTROL over me.


Forced feeding, decided my Nanny Alice took an unexpected turn. Rather than real baby food (that I had an aversion to which she know of) yucky cold porridge with mixed green vegetables (mashed peas and spinach) were fed to me.  I just cannot describe the horror of eating this mush. I was also threatened with having the cold lumpy porridge stuffed down my nappy if not all eaten up.  "Eat your din-dins with a smile on your face" she said in a menacing manner. All because I pulled faces with the approaching spoons, piled high with lumpy green stuff, came closer...  My adult baby torso was at a 45 degrees-ish angle, so allowing food to go down easily.  I was tied up and immovably restrained.  ALL WAS EATEN UP.


Botty Corporal Punishment of course was available to ENSURE NO LETTING UP. NO EXCUSES WERE ALLOWED NOR TOLERATED from this adult baby! Ditto for drinkies, restrained, FORCED and cosseted up to Nanny Alice's warm breasts as she leaned in over me. SO MANY WARM BOTTLES. NANNY DICTATES and I had NO CHOICE.


Prior to being put down, and firmly secured for a "long period" that was all up to nanny, a terry nappy and rubber pants had been put on me.  Nanny helped  things along with "medical," via suppositories followed by TWO enemas.  I were inescapably fettered and harnessed to her examination sling, with my legs up in the air and hands spread-eagled to the sides.  NO CHANCE OF ESCAPE.  I, an adult baby, were forced to experience boredom, frustration, acute uncomfortableness (via

wet/dirty nappy) and of course blindfolded when pain were administered. This came in the form of nasty "Clover"nipple clamps. Nanny Alice's also stuffed an old pair of her used panties into my mouth to create a gag....


Later on, my relief at being released turned to terror when enduring Nanny Alice's ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL CONTROL with breath control. I clearly remember her lifting up her crisp white uniform to reveal white stockings attachd to a 1950s 8 prong suspender belt, with matching snow white full briefs to compliment this apparel. I had been placed on the floor, where she  then proceeding to lower her beautiful rounded buttocks directly onto my face. I could not breath, I could not even think, let alone escape...  


I was totally, completely and absolutely controlled by her very shapely bottom!


There was no was out for this AB, no excuses could be uttered, no way of wriggling away from my predicament.


I were Nanny Alice's... Totally.