Short Stories

Boarding school 'nursery' in the 1950's.

The school caters for boys from the age of 5 to 13, but because of bad behaviour  insolence, my bullying and threatening of younger boys, and general tantrums I have been kept down a couple of years and am still at school at the age of 15.

'baby' outside in her pram...

I, Nanny Alice know of a very naughty baby who has a particular fantasy of being put in a baby harness and strapped into a large pram and then paraded and on public display. Naturally, I being Nanny, and the no-nonsense variety, am in control. On the first occasion I go about wheeling my tiny little helpless charge, as she squirms in the pram, down the street and to the local Park.  I am all too aware of baby's embarrassment and humiliation.

Baby Hospital by Alice Boo

Based on my visit to Nanny Alice


Mary had a little lamb...

Watch this space little ones, lots of stories coming soon........ 


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