Latest Lockdown news...

My latest news, taken from a message I sent out this morning, in response to a supporter of my bizarre nursery who contacted me and who I hold dear to my heart...

 Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London  UK

"... Boris will be speaking to the nation this Sunday evening via the media. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say in regard to the new easing lockdown measures apparently taking place from Monday next week.

I will put this appointment in my diary and hopefully we can communicate in regard to the feasibility of this date going ahead closer to the time.

My maid is elderly and in isolation. I go out though as have to, could not get any delivery slots. Wear a P45 mask when food shopping or at the chemist. Tut tut when some don't seem too bothered about keeping 2 metres away. Was very stressful in the beginning, as alway use gloves to open communal doors, touch screens etc but am getting more used to it now. Hands were raw from too much washing but have calmed down a bit :) 

Thank our blessing we are allowed to exercise for a while each day, what a tonic that is, especially now that we have the sunshine. And keeping in mind a lack of vitamin D is unwise if/when catching this virus. So is excess weight. Have been fasting during the day and loosing inches. Always positives that can be found, no matter how dire the situation.

Have spring cleaned and painted the whole premises and feel really good about that. New blinds are up. Am also hoping to place more updates on my websites (have a new one :) ) and sort out my tax return on overcast days.

As you can see, I keep disciplined and focused, remembering to not take any unnecessary risks, and look so forward to seeing you again.

As it says on a coffee shop window nearby "this really sucks but it will pass, see you on the other side"...

Warm regards,

Nanny Alice"