Deposit for bespoke experience...

I, Nanny Alice, offer a bespoke experience at my bizarre Little Sissy Nursery here in Central London. I am a 20 minute tube ride from Piccadilly Circus.

All sessions with me need to be pre-booked. I do not have a revolving door and am not engaging in an on-the-spot, dial-a-domme service.

I do employ an nursery maid on the premises, a biological female in her 70s. She does not get involved in sessions though you may hear her occasionally. I adhere to the UK legal framework.

I have had a number of requests for double-domme sessions lately. Unfortunately it against UK law for providers to work collectively. Though I find this unfair and discriminatory, I abide by UK law.

I don't feel comfortable seeing more than one visitor a day, therefore you will never encounter other men coming in or out of my premises, and/or hanging around when in session. On your visit, my space only has you, I, and my maid who stays in the background.

I require a small deposit, by the latest the day BEFORE your anticipated appointment.

This is done online. I do not get any details about you other than an email address.

Some create a free email account just for this purpose, to contact and leave deposits for ladies such as myself.

This deposit secures your appointment to visit me.

Without that deposit I do not accept bookings from first time visitors. I need reassurance that you are a genuine person.

This is MY personal space visitors are welcomed into.  I have no intention of giving out my details, address etc to someone who has not proven themselves beforehand to be sincere.

Need to feel confident that after I spend an hour getting ready (doing my hair, my makeup, putting on my outfit, preparing my workspace, reading though my notes for the session etc), looking forward to our time together, that my effort and time is honoured.

Also, I feel very uncomfortable with the thought of turning away other potential clients when under the illusion that a certain slot is unavailable.

About 99.9% of people turn up who leave a deposit. I feel this leads to a happy and stress free Nanny Alice :) My genuine guests reap the benefit of experiencing this. 

So all those wonderful folk out there who are respectful of my time, energy and creativity, you are most welcome :)