... I am no prude but I expect all adult babes, diaper lovers and sissies to my bizarre nursery here in London to show me RESPECT at all times.  


I am allowed to touch you to my hearts content but you are not allowed to touch me unless I give you my permission.  


Engaging in activities such as placing butterfly kisses on my beautiful round creamy soft silky buttocks is ONLY given as a reward for good behaviour.


Trying to take a peep up my skirt is naughty and you will be punished with OTK spanking, and hard at that!


I do not allow those 'any other places' to be kissed, you know what I mean there!


And what goes on in my panties, is my business. It is not something I would feel the need to be discussing.


So the gist of this is I AM IN CHARGE.


I do not allow waywardness unless it is under MY terms and conditions.


Keep on the right side of me and you will have a wonderful time, cross the boundaries I set out at your peril.




Nanny Alice