15/4/2020 Lockdown update...

15th April 2020 update.

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London  UK


The British government is talking of easing lockdown in May around about the middle of the month.

Nonessential workers will then be encouraged to return to work and not hide away, as there is no place to hide in regard to the coronavirus and it's various strains that are emerging.

What is the alternative? Our economy being so strung out we can't repair the damage and end up in a horrendous recession, the likes of which we have never seen in countless previous generations. We can't allow that to happen. Our children, our grandchildren, need to have a bright future to inherit when we are long gone. Sacrificing that to keep the elderly and physically vulnerable safe(r) is not the way forward surely.

As it is, until there is a vaccine we will all be vunerable to catching it. Hopefully this lockdown will help to stagger the infected so the NHS can cope if folk need hospital admission. Well, that is the gist of my understanding of the UK government strategy.

As many of you will know, I have an elderly maid and issues with my lungs. I have been practising social distancing, don't allow my maid out, only going out to do food shopping, pick up prescription medicine, don't use publich transport, and treat myself to an hour of exercise a day.

And I will keep doing the above but yes, when restrictions are eased will be returning to sessioning and you are welcome to book in.

I will go though a short checklist when you call to confirm your appointment on the day. To check if you have a temperature, feel nausea, are tired, have a dry cough etc.

A shower on arrival is required, so any virus picked up on your skin when traveling is washed off.

I also have a stock of light medical masks (not the heavy hot ones) I purchased for medical play. Please agree to wear one and I will as well. I do create an intimate psychological and physical play space when facilitating your session, being in close contact, so masks do help. We could make a themed role-play around these precautions :)

Hope the above all makes sense :)

Nanny Alice