Angela humiliated...

Nanny then puts Angela to sit with her sore bottom on the potty. So here`s the dilemma - does Nanny put Angela in toddler class or infant class? I think we can guess.  Toddler class means nappies and potty training; infant class means big girl knickers. Nanny taunts Angela as to whether she is potty trained. How humiliating. So, should it be "big girl knickers" or nappies?

Angela realizes she is doomed and begs for "big girl knickers". Nanny makes a big show of considering it.  She really enjoys playing with Angela. In the toddler class, all the little girls wear nappies, so nappies it has to be. Angela wails at the prospect....

... She is then placed on the changing table and a dummy is put in her mouth.

She is then thoroughly cleaned, front, back and between the legs. "You are really too old for this, but if you ar ging to act like a baby you will be treated like a baby. And stop squealing!!"[ 

Nanny enjoys laughing at poor Angela, reminding her how sore she is going to be when nanny has finished with her!!

Angela now watches in horror as Nanny prepares her equipment for the next stage of the punishment, hot water, shaving cream, razor and suppositories. Angela's eyes get wider and wider as she sees all the bits and pieces, the preparation 'tools' placed in front of her

Nanny carefully examines the area where her "special punishment" will be aimed, from just above the anus, all the way underneath and then to the back of the balls.  Nanny explains to Angela that the punishment is intended to ensure that her buttocks and bottom and little private parts will be so uncomfortable for a month that wayward thoughts will be out of the questions!

To Angela's horror, she is told by Nanny that all her pubic hair now has to be shaved off "Nasty little girls who have dirty thoughts are not allowed to keep their pubic hair - we need to make this area very sore and we can`t do that if it's covered with hair, can we Angela?". 

Nanny applies the shaving cream and then the razor is produced. Angela is slowly and thoroughly shaved, with her buttocks pulled well apart, how humiliating! No hair escapes Nanny's attention. Angela cries in despair as her hair is methodically removed. Nanny is thorough and efficient, until not a single hair remains.

The shaving cream is then wiped off and dried and the area is cleaned with stingy TCP. A big suppository is inserted and plenty of soothing baby oil is applied all over her front and back. Then Nanny smears on nappy cream. Protesting all the time, Angela is put into a nappy and big rubber pants are pulled up.

Maybe Nanny should have a break now and play the Sudocrem "How to change a nappy" video. What  a fantastically patronising presenter she is.

"Oh dear.... You are not going to have rude thoughts now are you Angela? What if your friends could see you now?"