What I Offer at my Adult Babes Diaper Lover Nursery here in Central London, UK.

No unpleasant surprises. Natural, authentic. What you see is what you get.

Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK

Visits for Adult babes and sissies to my bizarre Nursery in Central London UK are from 11am onwards.

Sessions provided incorporate activities found interesting and emotionally satisfying on a psychological level to visitors.

Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK

Nanny Alice welcomes Adult Babes and Sissies (either sweet of slutty) to experience a variety of 'age regressing' activities at her Adult Babes, little sissy and bizarre Nursery in Central London (UK).  

Old-Fashioned 1950s 'Norland' Nanny, Soft Mumsy Figure, Alluring Teacher, Stern Step-Mother, Warm Auntie, Sexy Baby-Sitter, Authoritarian Governess, Bossy Matron, Understanding nurse, VERY strict Dominatrix, Punishing Mistress, Myself.

Nanny Alice also welcomes visitors who do not want to age regress (fetishists) as well as those drawn towards the more humiliating aspects of BDSM play. What could be more humiliating than being forced to wear a nappy and/or suck on an extra large dummy!!!

Nanny Alice's ABDL Nursery London UK

Adult Babe wear, frilly party frocks, sissies with lots of bows, cuddles and hugs, encouragement to explore, 'safe space', tender loving care, tactile, "firm but fair",  high chair, nourishment, force-feeding, C/P, spoon fed, baby bottles, baby wet wipes, zinc cream, terry nappies, sponge bubble bath, cream and talcum powder your bits and pieces, manicure and pedicure, pink nail varnish, sexy sissy, mincing step, humiliation, dance, curtsy, showing off, garish frilly outfits, girly socks, stilettos, alluring lingerie, bright pink lip gloss, transformation, beautiful princess, hair removal, girly wig, wayward school boys who don't like the colour pink!, slutty school girls, role-plays, corporal punishment, hog ties, nurturing, special custom-made highchair, mashed banana, force-feeding, doggy food, mouth soaping, outings, tactile Swedish baby massage (qualified), baby oil, talcum powder, photos (only if you agree to this), enemas and suppositories, 'medicine', 'internal' medical examinations, 'sounding', anal probing, toys, prostate massage, hospital sling, 'firm but fair', discipline, Over-The-Knee-spanking , sissies, bending over, 'make-believe', cream pies, creamies.

Nanny Alice - trained, qualified Humanistic psychotherapist (formally accredited with the BACP), has a deep non-judgemental understanding of visitors requirements. 

Facilitating your exploring safety, your unique needs and wants understood.

Confident manner that helps to put even the uninitiated (to an Adult Babe nursery) feel at ease with her capable, 'hands on' approach.

Nanny Alice will ensure her Adult Babes nursery and playroom is clean and hygienic. She employs an elderly nursery maid to help out with these tasks.

Beautiful white custom-made Adult Babe cot (with lid), Adult Babe highchair inspired from a 1950s American nursery design.  Large nappy changing table (used for Swedish baby massage that I am qualified at) huge mirror overhead.  Examination sling for all those 'probing' internals.  'Spanking bench', handy for misbehaving!  Upright bondage frame for wayward behaviour needing firm restraint. Baby harness, adult babe training potty, full length mirrors for me to keep an eye on you, even if my back is turned! Corporal punishment & medical implements, Venus 2000 milking machine, Electro box, Hitachi vibrator, Cobra Libra.

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London

Just look at Nanny Alice, in her Adult Babe Nursery with a warm bottle of 'developing' milk.

What are you? An Adult Babe, a Diaper Lover, a Sissy, a School Boy/Girl, a submissive, exploring the bizarre...

Or heaven forbid, a little slut in the making, desperate to please Nanny and explore being naughty!!

 Nanny Alice's ABDL Nursery London UK