Humiliation Play

What a 'buzz' you can gain whilst being forced to act like a baby, wearing adult baby clothes and a lockable endlessly frilly diaper at some point. I put you in a situation where you feel all your 'adult' power ebb away, only to be replaced with a sense of helplessness that I take full advantage of, making make fun of you as you lie in the adult baby cot surrounded by dolls and teddies, pink satin sheets. What a pathetic baby that you are. I will take you back to a vulnerable place, where you will be at nanny's mercy, as I spoon feed you disgusting baby food from the adult baby high chair. I will make sure you wear a big pink big, no matter how much you plead with me not to have it on, as I force down mushy baby food with lots of baby milk, from an adult baby bottle. Nothing you do will satisfy nanny and you will be told off continually. What a situation you find yourself in, with a dummy in your mouth!

Or you will be forced to wear garish little girl party dresses, covered in girly bows and frills. There will be bright red lipstick smeared on your lips and rouge your cheeks. I will make you practice a cute wink and a deep curtsy. Then you can twirl endlessly, dancing around in kitten heels, with your frilly knickers flashing in my direction. I will complain that your knees are bent and to keep them straight. You will be kept you on your toes, my threat to take you on a visit to the local play group in this getup, so that the other little girls (so pretty and dainty) can laugh at you. I will take full advantage of your predicament and make you bend down over my spanking bench, then tied down so you cannot wriggle... as I deal with your transgressions....

The embarrassing situations (the endless variations) my adult babies and little sissies could find themselves in when visiting me, Nanny Alice, at my Adult Baby Nursery here in West London.....!!