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Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK



Good Morning Nanny Alice,

I have had a shower and looked at my Bare Botty in the Mirror what a wonderful sight, 6 Red Stripe across my Bare Bot Bot, So I had a Spanking, Caning, Paddling Good Time with a Very Special Milking machine at the end.
I also think Naughty Nanny Alice had a Good time... Thanks for a Wonderful Time and of course for the Very Happy Happy Milking machine at the End.

Naughty JJ




Dear Nanny Alice,

Thank you so much for last Thursday, it was lovely.






Hey Alice, just figured I'd send over some thoughts/reflections from our session last week! :)
First and foremost I had a really great time and I hope I'll be able to see you again!
I absolutely loved how much you engaged with Flo! I just bought him as a prop/to help me get into littlespace, but the way you talked to him and played with him made me SO little. Can tell you're a pro!

I also super appreciated that you'd clearly read everything I sent over before and set the space up for me. It made a big difference! I really think the fact you only session once a day stands out too
And you're SO attentive! I always felt like I had your full attention the whole time I was with you, which isn't always the case with some others I've played with!
I think the only piece of feedback I really have is that I'd personally have preferred our chat beforehand to be more like when we talked at the very end, with you totally out of character. I felt like I was struggling a bit to figure out how in character you were/I was meant to be, and I think I took a few minutes to get comfortable and able to have that chat properly. I appreciate that there'll be reasons you do it that way, but for me I'd prefer to be totally out of or totally in character, and the chat at the start felt a bit in the middle.
Some other random reflections:
- I wish I'd bought minor bondage up as being something I'm OK with beforehand, maybe next time ;)
- I expected the mouth soaping to be meaner! I learned from our session that I need to be clearer about something I expect to be mean, because if I'm bratty in headspace and then the top is less mean than I expect then it feels like I got away with it.
- I have no idea how you make spanking marks disappear that fast!
- I absolutely love the pictures! They did feel like a little bit of a distraction during the scene occasionally, and I appreciate that's surely unavoidable. But I'm so glad I have them now!
That's probably enough rambling :) Thanks again!



Dear Nanny Alice

Thank you so much for your time this afternoon. I really enjoyed myself and I hope that you did too.

I was surprised how you were able to interpret my feelings and direct the session accordingly.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to play along as much as I would have liked but I had fun non-the-less. I guess I'm just too "grown up".

The gifts I brought with me are for the benefit of other DLs visiting you, they will likely know exactly what they are and will be pleased to see them.

Warmest regards



Nanny Alice ABDL London UK




Dear Nanny Alice,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your time earlier today. I really enjoyed and extremely grateful for your professionalism, expertise and creativity. It was nice to be able to express myself in a safe and comfortable environment and I'm glad my first experience was such a positive one.

Thank you again.






Dear Nanny Alice

I know this is late in coming (I came to see you early November) so I hope I haven't left it too late for you to remember me! 

I just wanted to let you know that the uncertain first-timer, the bag of nerves that arrived at your door that day, departed over 2 hours later having been transformed into the boy he always wanted to be and then back into a man. A man with the biggest smile that nothing could wipe off my face for days.

Mummy Alice knew exactly what her boy needed, even more than he did himself and I just wanted to say thank you so, so much. The safe space you provide for, among other things, confused little boys like me to try to figure themselves out is an absolute godsend.

I was so worried that my attempts at role play would be an embarrassing cringe-fest and I can't believe how quickly I became comfortable slipping into my previous self - the mischievous, curious boy who needed a little discipline, and a lot of maternal understanding and guidance.

I haven't slipped into anything pretty and silky since I was 14 and I loved it. I felt naughty for having this dirty little secret exposed, but understood and 'loved' all at the same. It really was the most indescribable feeling having 'Mummy' take control of the situation and making me pick an outfit for you to dress me in. I think I will shave off the facial hair next time to see if I really do look as pretty as I think I would in that lovely long dark wig!

Anyway I won't go on, I just wanted to make sure that I did as I said I would do when we spoke after the session, and follow up with you to tell you how I felt about the whole experience after some time to think about it. (It was supposed to be after a few days but I do always get there in the end!)

In short, everything about our session was so much more than I was expecting - it was an amazingly eye-opening, cathartic experience from start to finish and not to mention incredibly fun!

I would very much like to see you again sometime after the new year, assuming Covid rules permit. I have no idea at this stage what another session would look like other than to say that I hope Mummy Alice will be there again and I'm not in trouble for the mess I made the last time!

As I say I know it was a while back now so if it helps to jog the memory I have attached a pic.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year and get to spend it in whatever way you have planned!

Would it be acceptable for me to send a card to you? I noticed you had couple of them in your reception area but I completely understand if you would prefer to not give out an address to me at this stage.

A million thanks once again. (I am on cloud nine all over again just recounting the experience!)

Love from K





Dear Nanny Alice,

Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. Your skill in planning and pacing our session was exceptional and I left having thoroughly been "put through my paces"! It was a real pleasure to visit you and I hope it will not be too long before our next encounter.

With all best wishes and thank you again.

Sissy P



Dear Nanny
I want to show my gratitude in words that you are very kind and supportive
I feel better today then I have in a long time and it's your nurturing and care
The joy of being " girly" is truefully powerful
I will send a picture or two if you would like to see your lovely work?
Have a lovely summer and I will see you again before too long
yours with warmth



Dear Nanny Alice
Thank you so much for last week - my visit was everything I hoped for, and more. The setting, the way you looked after me, the language, and hearing a bit about yourself and your SA background, really took me to the place I wanted to go. In particular, thank you for allowing me to go over time (I got a parking ticket!). I felt safe, relaxed, comfortable and truly in that joyful 'little' space. I will definitely want to come and visit again, perhaps for 3 hours? I would have liked to stay in the cot for longer but there was obviously a lot to pack into my 2 hours!
Thank you so much again and bye for now, Anna x





Dear Nanny Alice

It is good to reflect. I really enjoyed my visit last week and hope you are open to further sessions building on the foundations established; those few hours felt safe and they felt comfortable, such inadequate phrases, which I can best quallify by adding that they are exactly what I needed.

Thank you for taking on board my requests for the session. I loved your ladylike style and feminine demeanour, overlaid with quiet authority and direction; in particular I enjoyed the way you kept talking to me, explaining what was happening as you might to a child. Your ultra-tactile closeness is perfect, and I so, so appreciated you bringing yourself to the proceedings, allowing real conversation en route. My wish would be for you to start from such a base again, whatever the individual scenario.

I'll leave it there. If you are happy for me to visit again I will come back with possible dates.

Best wishes





Dear Nanny Alice,

It was lovely to meet you on Friday and I so very much enjoyed our time.  The role play was exactly what I was looking for and I wen away feeling very happy.  The examination was as intrusive as I had hoped, and the embarrassment caused was very enjoyable.

The whole experience was wonderful from start to finish and I hope that I might be able to visit again.  I hope it was an enjoyable afternoon for you also.

Best wishes,



Thank you so much Ollie for my lovely New Year's greetings. I have put your lovely creation here, in "bright lights"...


Nanny Alice ABDL London UK


Dear Nanny Alice


I firstly wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed our session (before we went back into Tier4 lockdown). Your approach, conduct and manner were first class and worlds apart for my visit to another lady such as yourself.


The session overall was so much fun! And I learnt a lot from it too.

I was surprised that the diapers, over the top sissy outfit and CBT didn't quite have the effect on me that I was expecting. Yet I found being tied with your red rope, and bound to your hourglass bench, and subsequent anal play more pleasurable than I expected. I really did feel like a slut.


However, what really done it for me was how you adapted the session as we went to how I was responding, and it made the whole experience much more intimate.


I really do hope to be able to visit again soon.


Many thanks




Dearest Nanny 

What can I say?

You have the wonderful empathy and tenderness of word and deed to wrap me in cotton wool when I see you.

Lovely welcome , warm hugs and fluffy touches ( those bunny mules were gorgeous) all the way

Big thanks,  stay safe and hugs from x 




Morning Nanny...sorry for the late response re. Session. I enjoyed my visit very much. I liked the play in the nappies and the talc and lots of cream on my bits. 


I had bigger toys in my bot bot and maybe i can bring some things for my nip nips.


I liked my winky being tied, so tight round my bally wallys.


I also liked the cuddling but would enjoy even more of that.


Look forward to coming again but would be very excited if your maid could come in and see or help a little.


Many thanks





Nanny alice 

Just wanted to thank you for today I enjoyed every minute  of it from the moment I entered your door to the moment I left. I was so nervous about it you took my fears away straight away. I've been a follower of your site for a while and now I'm so glad I booked a session with you today but also regreatful that I didn't take the plunge sooner. I also found out I passed my course to so I've had a good day.

All the best 



Hello Alice,

It looks like I may have been lucky to have seen you last week before the lock down went into effect.

As we discussed, I am very happy to give a review of our time together.

Seeing you was a big part of my holiday trip - I have always liked your site. I have pointed spotlights at many famous rock stars in my profession, and as far as I was concerned, you were my rock star!!

That first hour was scintillating. From the moment I walked in I was immediately under your control. You managed it so very well and you shone. I was dazzled.

I didn't need to get down to tiny little details because I instinctively sensed that your process was the same with many AB clients - control, comfort, assurance, intimate touching, and oh, all that cream and lathering was heavenly, especially followed by such well wrapped thick pads.

The following two hours were just as good....

I did wet myself and enjoyed letting go....  You answered a lot of my needs and you blew me out of the water with your beauty and gorgeous costume. I loved every minute of it.

I sincerely hope this terrible world event is over soon and once it is, I will return to London because I know I would love to do this with you again.

Thank you for a caring, thoughtful afternoon. It meant a lot to me, especially with an impending long haul trip to return home under duress.

I do like the idea of a skype session so will definitely talk to you about that sometime in the future.

Until then,

Love and respect,



Click on the link above to read wonderful detailed feedback from a French visitor to my playspace.


  • Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK


     "Please can I meet your 'twin' sister Miss Alice Silk"


    Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK


    Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK



    Thanks so much for a wonderful session. It was nice to get to know you a little bit as well - you're such an interesting person.


    Take care.





    Hi Nanny Alice,


    Thank you so much for a wonderful 3 hours this afternoon.  I know you said wait a couple of days but I always find I like to put my thoughts down while they are still fresh in my mind,


    I have to say I am feeling very relaxed now and that's due to the very gentle way you treated me today.  Thankyou for that.


    My favourite image from today was looking in the mirror.  I always love seeing myself all dolled up and pretty.  But today, for some reason I really loved those hair clips.  They were so pretty and really looked good with my blonde hair too and it just made me feel incredibly girlie seeing them in my hair.  I think thats my look for next time too!


    After that was the part when I was over that bench and having my "temperature" taken.  I think as you noticed I do struggle a bit with anal play as its not something I have really done that much.  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it.  But today you made it feel the best its ever been for me.  Your voice was so reassuring and I managed to relax in a way I haven't before. I even surprised myself when I wanted to actually push back and take more in..  One part I keep thinking of was when I felt your legs with my feet as you were behind me.  That contact and knowing you were there putting me through that was important I think.  Its been a thought for a while now for me as to whether I could ever take an actual strap on.  Maybe something to work up to....


    The other part that is really sticking in my head was the curtsy training.  I can still see myself in the mirror doing that.  It made me smile to see that, with my blond hair and pretty dress.  I think again next time maybe we can explore that part more too, maybe trying some walking and help with looking more girlie like that.


    The feeding of the banana was interesting!  Definately not had that before!.  I think I would like to explore more next time of being in the high chair.  Maybe spoon feeding too as I have seen pictures on your website that makes me wonder more about that.  


    You almost certainly picked up that I go very quiet sometimes.  This does happen, especially when with someone new.  I am very shy and introverted when around new people. I find it difficult to open up and really express what I am feeling in that moment.  So I know there were a few times where you gave me a choice and I just sort of clammed up  At the end you mentioned the nappy.  I think because I have not done that before and because for me its so different I just couldn't say the words, that I wanted to try it.  Maybe next time :-)


    Our chat after the session was good and suddenly I felt more relaxed and able to open up more about what I liked, especially with those dresses you showed me.


    What I really liked was the feeling of your whole environment and the way you were.  You are so beautiful in mind and body, and you have a very wicked but playful look in your eyes sometimes, and that's something that's making me want to come back again.


    Anyway, again, thank you so much for today.  I think next time I need to force myself to say more and open up totally to make it even better.  


    I just need to go through my diary and see when I can arrange another trip to see Nanny Alice again :-)







    Dear Alice,

    Thank you very much for the warmth and hospitality you showed me on my visit to your flat earlier today.  I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.  You're a very kind person with a good heart.  I wish you all the best until we're able to meet up again.  


    Kindest Regards,





    Nanny Alice's ABDL Nursery London UK



    Morning Nanny...


    Sorry for the late response re. Session. I enjoyed my visit very much.


    I liked the play in the nappies and the talc and lots of cream on my bits. 


    Can I try much much bigger toys in my bot bot and maybe i can bring some things along to use with your's, like for my nip nips.


    I liked my winky being tied very tightly, it was so SO tighter round my bally wallys.


    I also liked the cuddling but would enjoy even more of that.


    Look forward to coming again but would be very excited if your lady maid happened to see us by accident!


    Many thanks


    'Poppy Pops'



Hi Nanny Alice

Thank you, such a thrilling time I had last week.

Very positive experience, at long last I felt brave enough to contact and visit you.

South Africa is a special place, and you are a special lady.

So arousing and my treat at the end I will not forget. Hope to see you when I am in London and have some spare time.

Do you do overnight stays? next time I would love to have a long sleep in the cot and breakfast when I wake up.

Can you take me to the playground later in the evening when no-one else is around? That has always been a fantasy of mine.

Sweet dreams.Xxxxx


Waving at you, it's me again.



All my fantasies came true, I will have to find some new ones... 


I have been dreaming about this time together....and now I have taken the plunge again.  


I can tell you really are a perfectionist, and I think you do read up about us as bedtime reading.


It's always exciting seeing you.


Every time I see you it is never boring, even though I am shy. You always find some common ground and help me to relax Auntie Alice. Quite a responsibility you have and I appreciate the care you take to make it special. 


I am sending you a gift card, something to put towards a future date... 


Favorite nephew TT 



  • Dear Nanny
  • Thank you for letting me visit you again recently. You helped my fantasies come true. For a few hours you bought out the sissy in me. Instead of dreaming I was a little sissy baby girl, I actually became one thanks to your skill and imagination.
  • After you examined me in my dress and panties, you helped me change into a thick disposable nappy and ruffled plastic panties. The little trainer bra was a nice touch, and I loved the short frilly pink dress you picked out for me to wear. The frills against my skin made me tingle as you transformed me into a little baby girl, complete with ballet shoes. You taught me to curtsey properly, which every little girl needs to learn.
  • I enjoyed being put into the high chair and fed and watered. You made eating a banana incredibly arousing as you fed me piece by piece from your lips. And you gave me a lovely drink in a baby bottle to wash it all down.
  • I was in ecstasy as you changed my wet nappy and took care of my important little places so expertly. ..And yes, I think probably I did deserve that spanking, didn't I?
  • Many thanks for a wonderful afternoon
  • Sissy Baby Jessica
  • ps attached pics, I am happy for you to use any you think appropriate, but please don't show my face. Thank you xx
  • Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UKNanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK
  • Nanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UKNanny Alice ABDL Nursery London UK


Feedback April 2019


Hello Nanny Alice


Thank you again for another wonderful experience!


I sure appreciate the opportunity to spend a quality afternoon with you and enjoyed every second!


Sincerely, J




Feedback March 2019


Dear Nurse Alice,


I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I know I was someone outside your specialty range, but I really felt I was in the perfect place.

You have been not only a perfect nurse, but also a great caregiver and a very interesting human being. I couldn't ask for more, and I had a great session and the perfect clinic adventure that I needed.

II hope we will have the chance to see each other again. I will surely contact you the next time I'm in London!:)


I wish you a great life and a great future. Thanks again for being so nice and caring.

so long



Feedback January 2019

"Having just had a most enjoyable Skype session with Nanny Alice, I can confirm that this lady knows exactly what she is doing.

What do I mean by that?....

I mean that she totally understood the brief I sent her, which laid out what I wanted from the session, and as well as including all the elements I required, she included a few of her own which made it even more stimulating.

What's more, she did it in a very natural way, so it never felt like she was working from a script.

Her attention to detail is fantastic....not just her hair, make-up and costumes, but also her demeanour, and the way she varies her tone of voice - sometimes imperious, sometimes playful, but always just right.

Within minutes of the session starting I genuinely felt like a big baby who was totally under Nanny's control.

Suffice to say, it was a thrilling half hour, and worth every penny.

In closing, this lady is a class act, and a meticulous practitioner of the art of erotic embarrassment.

If I didn't live near Manchester I would book an appointment at her London nursery in an instant, and I envy those who have been lucky enough to see her in person."


"Dear Nanny

Simply wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Thank you on behalf of all your little sissies and babies for making our dreams come true.

You are truly a wonderful person and I hope to see you again in 2019.


Love from Sissy Baby J"


Ma,am Alison,


I am Naughty JJ and entered the Shop Honour, we did not know one another (but we did ;) ). 

I was looking at some Naughty Things, You Brushed against me aware that I was wearing Large Very Frilly Panties under my Trousers. 

You draw attention to it, pointing it out so the Stores People hear it. 

I got a little bit funny with you, to which you say that Naughty Boys/Girls should not be cheeky to their Elders or they could have their Bare Bottoms Spanked.

I thought you would not Dare in Public spank me, but you asked the Store Personnel if they have a Store Room that you could deal with a Cheeky Naughty Boy/Girl who wears Frilly Panties in public. Maybe He/She should try on some Dresses etc. you suggest.

Did Nanny Alice Dare to try such a Daring Feat, YES she did. 

I wonder what else does Ma,am Alison have in Mind for Naughty JJ next time.



Lots of spanks, Naughty JJ



Dear Nanny


It's been nearly 4 weeks since I came to see you - I should have written sooner.


You were certainly correct in saying that "someone would sleep well". The experience was wonderful, but exhausting. It was a few days before I felt my usual self again.


That "temperature taking" device - how did you manage to insert it so far?  It must have been the "special medicine"... great fun. 


Lying on the changing table and being oiled and stroked - wonderful! My free hand was able to reach your skirt - I wish it had been softer than leather - but Nanny knows best.


I'm going to have to visit you again - after a much shorter interval.   I'll start saving up.







Hey there


I just wanted to say a very big thank you for making my fantasies come true... 

You were right when you said after the session that one tends to build oneself up....and I had done that. Took me quite a while to restore my equilibrium! But very cathartic, 

I do really appreciate how much effort and energy you put in to the session. I remember that from previous and was why I was so excited to see you again. 

You never give a half hearted session, but a full throttled, inspired, thoughtful and energetic time. Especially when your client is so quiet, nervous, and not talking a lot. Really puts the onus on you to fill the silent spaces but you always seem to have something to day :) 

Until next time...which I hope there will be.. 

Your naughty nephew ;) 



Hi Nanny Alice,

Thank you so much for today. It was a very good experience, means so much

to fulfill the inner little. I loved your stories about the mature women in Africa, that you yourself recently wore a nappy etc. Huge turn on. And the

reward was amazing:)

I would love to see you again.

If next time we do a 2 hour session is it possible to include a part going


I would love to wear my nappy together with nanny in public.




Nanny Alice, thanks for the most wonderful time that I had in your very special "Wonderland" last week.


Right from the start I was made to feel just like the little, helpless, 3 year old sissy that I always crave to be. Lots of reassuring baby chat and teasing reinforced that feeling of being back in my own 1940's nursery when my real mother took care of me.


After being shaved clean and smooth, Nanny used wetwipes and I could feel myself blushing, but she quickly reassured me that it was OK. I really was going back to those halcyon nursery days. A large, nursery print, disposable nappy hid my embarrassment, followed by a large pair of pink rubber pants, as befitting a little sissy babe. To add to my feeling of helplessness and to make sure that I couldn't play with myself, my thickly padded rubber mittens were tightly strapped onto my wrists.


Nanny put on my new rubber babe face hood, along with the rubber blindfold which has "eyes" to match the hood. She stood me up and led me over to the big baby cot and sat me down. Before very long, she had me well secured in the cot, with lots of leather straps and a big dummy to suck on. I laid in the cot, with very little movement possible, for about an hour. Nanny kept a careful eye on me all this time. She came back and removed my dummy, gave me a refreshing drink of cool water and then replaced the dummy with something a bit stricter, and most definitely more secure, the dummy head harness, plus my pink rubber mop cap. Again I was left for a further hour, before, finally, being released. 


For whatever reason, Nanny decided to put me over her knee for a spanking, which did hurt a bit, but it was administered with the lots of verbal nursery exchanges that you would expect, which made it slightly easier to take.


To finish off our session Nanny gave me a beautiful all over body massage, paying particular attention to all of my tender bits. Again, there was more teasing and more blushing, but how could I resist those magic fingers, working away to ease the everyday stresses and worries? 


Inevitably, the session ended and it was time to go back into the big, outside world. I did have a long session, but no amount of time is ever enough, so I will be visiting again, hopefully some early in the New Year. 


If you're reading this, but you've never plucked up the courage to go along to and adult babe nursery, then I would recommend that you give Nanny Alice a call. She looks after everyone, whether you're a first time or an adult babe that can't resist the wonderful experience of regression!


Sissy Angela. 




For me Nanny Alice, coming to see you to be put into a bulky diaper was an overwhelming experience.

Right from the beginning you placed me on the changing table,  a favourite place to see myself when looking up at the mirror, I was not expecting that!    

You spoke to me all the way through about being put in a nappy and my having permission to wet it after a certain length of time, heaven. I loved it all, but this part of the visit to your nursery was the

most precious.

Thank you for helping me to discover who I am, my real self you called it. 

The massage helped me to relax and it was the most comfortable feeling.

I also enjoyed listening to the soothing music and having a rest in the crib, with the bars up!

Having a cuddle was also special, from you and also Teddy.

Again, thank you for helping me discover and explore this side of myself. I will visit again.



Dear Nanny Alice

I wanted to write to you to say thank you for the session you had with me on Monday. I had never been to see anyone before to play my fantasy out and was very nervous. You made it easy for me with your caring attitude and professional manner.

The session we had was the exact session I had dreamt of and I thoroughly enjoyed it. All of my comments from your contact form and our conversation we taken and used perfectly.


I hope you have a lovely Christmas and hope to see you in the future again.




Adam (Sissy Anne) x 

Dear Nanny Alice

Thank you so much for taking the time to see me today. I very much look forward to seeing you again.

For so many years I have looked for for that unique nanny whom i can share my secret with.

A traditional Dominatrix is not for me but a Nanny or Governess, or even an Auntie figure is my dream come true.

I needed to have my adult maleness removed and been firmly put into the ranks of sissy slut hood.  

All the double terry nappies, rusty plastic lined silk panties are to my hearts desire. 

I tried to follow your rules and regulations and accepting the few strategically placed whacks on my ever so naughty bottom.  Of course in the past i have been what you Nanny Alice have referred to as a 'persistent naughty' habits.  

Under your firm guidance i am now willing be turning over a new leaf. Hopefully this mending of my ways will mean i can wriggle my way into your good books Nanny Alice.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time put me through my paces. 

 Yours most respectfully, Sissy Sindy


Dear Nanny Alice

Thank you for a great session last week.

The role play was superb, and 'young S' experienced the very clear discipline and control from Matron in the School Nursery. 
I somehow think that young 'S' will not be leaving the nursery, and Matron's strict supervision anytime soon.

Have a great Christmas and look forward to seeing you again soon

Baby 'S'


Dear Nanny Alice,

Sorry for leaving it so long before thanking you. I have been terribly busy and didn't want to just dash off a one-line response.

Once again I had a wonderful time.  I much appreciate the fact that you had made improvements based on the feedback you had been given on the previous occasion. The new clothes in smaller sizes are very nice, and the terry nappy over disposable nappy arrangement gives a very satisfying bulky feel around the bottom and between the legs.

The spanking position on the cot is much better. As you could tell, I found being over your lap very exciting.... Maybe next time rather than a spanking over the nappy it could be over the bare bottom or thin knickers, or at least stinging slaps to the bare thighs would work a treat.

I thought you picked up on my non-verbal signals very well and felt very comfortable talking to you about what was going through my head this time as it's exciting to verbalise.  The new silicone butt plug I recommended (that you went on the purchase) was good under your 'direction'.

I am a shocking hosiery fetishist. Do I dare put in a special request for next time that you wear stockings?

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing you again.


Thank you very much Nanny. You were perfect. I have many lovely memories of eating chewed banana, having an enema and finding myself staring at your gorgeous bum in black panties. I was quite nervous when I arrived but you put me at ease and I had the most relaxing afternoon. Can't wait to visit again sometime. - Baby J

 "Nannny, you are a really brilliant nanny. Everything you did was very exciting, and I was very turned on. One rather nice gentle touch was cutting my toe-nails, which I found surprisingly nice. The 'inspection time' was particularly intense! I would strongly recommend you to other babes." - babe s


Dear Nanny Alice,


It was great to meet you & i can't thank you enough for the fabulous time i had. You are a lovely lady & (as i'm sure many have said) stunning to look at. I hope you enjoyed it too. You somehow knew just how to engage with my fetish. I've seen dominatrices before & you are the first one to have my fetish spot on, lol. I loved being introduced to the new experiences by yourself & never once felt uncomfortable. 


The journey home flew by (only needed 2 toilet stops, lol).


I would like to see you again sometime (if that is ok with you).


Glad you liked the perfume too, it smelled so much better on your than it did on the card in the shop, lol.


- K 


Dear Nanny Alice,


Please accept my sincere thanks for allowing me to visit you last week. I really appreciate the care and effort you took to ensure it was successful. I had been feeling rather apprehensive about the visit, as it was my first time with you... I need not have worried.


Your nursery is a wonderful, clean, well-equipped environment. I felt that arrival and departure were very discreet. You had clearly read my notes carefully, and your firm, strict manner made me feel very submissive. Your lecturing and questioning, always very important for maintaining the fantasy, were to the highest standard. I also liked the way you used body language and personal space to assert your dominance. The way you dressed was perfect - seeing your stocking tops was very exciting, and when you lent over me in the sling I thought there might be an accident on your top.


Thank you for the sensitive and responsible way in which you approached my intimate examination.... 


Thank you also for getting to grips with my camera and taking all those wonderful photos.


I can see that you have invested a lot of time and money in clothing for your charges, but I think a lot of the girls who visit you must be a little on the large side. It would be nice in future to have some tighter plastic panties and smaller dresses to wear, for those of us who have slim figures. (Note : I took note of this and since this was written how have a larger seleciton of small to medium clothes on offer)


I think next time Little Laura will have to visit the school nurse.... 


Best wishes,


"Little L"


Can you believe it, I went back for more!

I was "excited" (or should I say terrified) about revisiting Nanny Alice's nursery again. At least it can be said that Nanny Alice is wholeheartedly engages with her adult babes!

For me, being an adult babe is a psychological experience, tinged with masochistic and sexual undertones that are very strong. I am a hopeless submissive, who gives the best of myself when under the spell of restrained helplessness. When ensconced within Nanny Alice's emporium, I am in her domain and feel UNDER HER CONTROL. There is no let up, no chance of reversal, absolutely no EXCUSE of escape.

I found myself held for the duration, willing or UNWILLING, VERY forcefully, strictly regressed, infantalised and 100% babified. I go weak at the knees remembering how Nanny Alice restrained, harnessed, punished and disciplined me,

The cuddly and coo cooing little babes scene is not what I encounter when under Nanny Alice's formidable presence. She knows exactly what boxes to press, and DID.



Dear Nanny Alice


Having had some days to reflect on my first visit to your wonderful nursery, I can only say how wonderful it was. I still think of the frilly plastic pants, wonderful dresses and amazing aprons! Being fed drinks by bottle and having mushed banana whilst wearing my bib was just super.


 I am very pleased that I was able to use my nappy as a sissy babe is meant to and pleasing you by using my potty as instructed was something I never thought I would be able to do.


You are the most caring, firm but fair Nanny!


I hope to be able to visit you again in the near future.


Once again thank you so much




Hi Nanny Alice

Many thanks for looking after me in such a caring way the other day. You put me at my ease straight away and were the perfect Nanny. I look forward to seeing you again,for sure. 'Steve' 



  • Dear Nurse Alice

    I had to thank you for a wonderfull couple of hours this afternoon.

    I was so impressed in the professional way you arrange your appointments and prepare for your clients.

    You obviously read my application form properly, as you had the traditional nurses uniform on with belt, fob watch etc.

    You also understood my strange fetish about tissues etc.

    The whole session had a wonderfull medical theme as I requested.

    You looked beautiful, in fact I do not think I have ever spent such an intimate 2 hours with such a beautiful woman.

    You introduced me into the feeling of wearing cotton babe cloths, I felt very comfortable and with the disposable nappy I felt very much like a younger version of me.

    It was the first time I had ever worn a nappy and when you said I had to fill it, well!!!! that was a first for me.

    You cared for me for the whole 2 hours, never leaving my side. By the time the session finished, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep on the train on the way home.

    I think the idea of you specialising more towards the medical fetish is a great idea. Especially with the great array of medical uniforms. Maybe a soft cotton hospital gown for the patient to wear over the nappy and plastic pink pants may be a good idea.

    I can't wait to see you again.

    Thanks Patient 'alex'



  • Hello there Scottish Nanny Alice,
  • Thank you for an enjoyable time. You are very skilled at combining the loving with strict.  I suppose I was a little concerned about washing my mouth out with soap but swearing is not tolerated and now I know my place right from the start. I soon realised that you knew how to handle me and I felt very safe. You managed to make me feel secure. I was spoilt with all the different stories on offer. I also note you are loving and kind..  Once again thank you.
    Best regards to you Nanny,
    ... From 'T'
  • Hi Nanny,
  • The time went so quickly dressing all the dolls and teddies.  I've got some lovely memories, to remind me how pleasurable going back to being small is. Thank you for choosing a name especially for me and taking me to the swings when it was dark!  Enjoyed your style of nannying, fun, but strict when necessary. Looking forward to more Princess times, in and out of doors.
    With Love,
  • ... From 'Princess Pattie'
  • Dear Nanny Alice,
  • You showed me a place, a safe place yesterday, of love, tender care and cuddles. Hope there is more to come.....  
  • ... From 'Teddy Bear'
  • Hi Nanny Alice,
    Thank you very much for the visit to your Nursery -
    I appreciated your nanny abilities - I knew finding a nanny would be difficult, but now I feel complete.
    You are very caring - have you been a nanny for long? When you put on the side lamp, that other thing, dimly so as not to jar me awake, I knew then you are loving.
    I liked you changing me - it was was special. I found the cool touch of your hands very nice.
    I watched you check the temperature of the milk, dropping it on your wrist and then licking it off. That was erotic.  I didn't expect you to be so attentive. I wanted to cry but didn't.
    Thank you for all the touches - I hope you liked your present Nanny....
  • From 'Sarah-Jane'

Dear Nanny Alice,

Apologies for delay in getting back to you following the thrilling session in the nursery. 

You have done such a great job in creating an authentic and perfect environment for all your little ones. To be looked after by a strict but fair and loving Nanny is a very special treat.

Looking forward to another visit...when the weather is cooler.


Thank you again for a great session.


Baby C x



Alice the nanny,

THANK YOU for finding the most suitable sized nappy for me. I am happy I made you laugh when the first one was down around my ankles.  I have never been in a sling before. Even though you can't sing (!) Nanny, it was a nice experience being examined and rocked. Thank you again for a great time and I hope to come again.  Until next time,
Your baby.
... From 'Tiny tot'


Dear Nanny Alice,

Many thanks for the session today - having to 'preform' for you, if you can call it that, on the training potty. That was a first.  Did I please you Nanny?  I hope so. Thanks for the cup of tea and scone with strawberry jam afterwards!
Kind regards,
... From 'Potty Training Sissy'  


To my infant teacher,

Apologies for taking so long to get back to you.  I really appreciated the efforts you made to making my time with you memorable. It worked out well and hope to develop my ideas further. I have not forgotten to look out for a wooden school desk to compliment your nursery.
Your pupil,
... From 'Adam   


Dear Nanny Alice,

Thank you for meeting me, it was shame when I had to take off my lovely silk underwear. It felt divine, all the extra frills you ordered for me.
I loved your OTKS incorporated into the punishment, your appreciation on focusing on what interests your sissies was for me the heart of it.  I do hope you will allow me come again and practice more curtseys and everything else!
In appreciation and giving you a deep curtsy,
... From 'frills galore'  

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