Adult Baby Visit

Each and every little one who visits my Adult Baby Nursery is unique. The outline below can give you a flavour of what is on offer. Let me know if you have other activities of interest to you, not mentioned on my website.

An extended day visit to my Adult Baby nursery, by Nanny Alice.

Even though we would have communicated in advance and come to agreement as to the interaction you require and what is on offer, I still sit down at the beginning of our time together and recap. This is a time for me to get to know you, and for you to get to know me and feel just that little bit more comfortable in my presence. I am very approachable but also well aware that visiting an adult baby nanny can be a daunting experience initially, especially if you have not done so in the past.

There is also a special word you are given, referred to as a 'safe word'. A word you can use if you need to ask me, your nanny, to stop what I is doing with you immediately and check things out.

Next, I takes you, my little charge, to the bathroom to undress you and give you a wash (if necessary) before dressing up time. This would be in your fantasy dream outfit, or my favourite dream outfit that I have especially selected for your visit. Something that is just right for you. Nappies, makeup, hair etc are all done at this stage, so you can truly transform, blossoming into the little one who you truly are

Carefully selected 'interests' will be then catered for.  I, Nanny Alice, have a vivid imagination and love exploring...

You may also be fed by me, with your bib on, in the adult baby high chair. Then given your bottle in the cot with me lying next to you, not forgetting to 'birp' you.

If I am in the old fashioned 1950s nursery mode, I may need to administer 'medicine', as clip nails, rub in zinc cream into all those little tender spots... Remember, nanny knows best!

There is a constant supply of juice and/or milk, as nappy changes, to keep you WET, then dry and happy. I have a special nappy changing bed with adjustable heights and levers to tilt your torso and head up/down.

Naughty behaviour is curtailed with Over the Knee spanks and there is 'time out' for the really mischievous little ones.

Maybe an afternoon nap will be in order, or maybe not! Maybe something more vigorous is in order, maybe not. You are unique, and your needs will be sensitively handled.

All little ones are eased back into the big world, not with a sharp bump, but a glass of apple juice or tea, a biscuit and chat. And not forgetting a clean disposable nappy before you go on your way, if you require this.

Visits out and about, done discreetly, are also on offer during an extended day visit to see me, Nanny Alice, at my Adult Baby Nursery.

Please note - I have an elderly maid in the nursery whenever I have my little charges visiting my Adult Baby Nursery here in Central London. I am never alone.