'F'rilly 'F'louncy outfits...

PINK restraints & Plastic Pants...

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London  UK

I just find so many of my little ones just love the colour PINK!

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New year for 2014:)

What were you doing this New Year?

I was climbing the Atlas Mountains.

Sensible walking boots had to be worn.

A rucksack on the back does wonders for slouching posture.

Naturally, dark glasses are a must.

Thoroughly recommended for all the couch potatoes out there.

Nanny Alice in disguise...

Nanny Alice has been out and about, in disguise and keeping confidentiality at all times.

Here she is, at a wonderful French restaurant, keeping a low profile as best she can:)  

The embroidery on my pale blue jumper was designed by me.


I put aside an hour before a visitor comes to my bizarre Nursery to prepare myself, the Nursery and to go through notes made from the contact form information.

Sessions with me Nanny Alice, as stream-lined as they appear, don't just happen, as if by magic!  There is a lot of behind the scenes planning.

Role-pays carried out at my bizarre Nursery take a lot more time and effort (adding an extra hour+ easily) to carry out.  There is an extra charge for this if they are very detailed and extensive.

Cuddles for Teddy...

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London  UK

Alice 'in WONDER land'...

Alice in pink with white lace trim, and not forgetting the teddy bear plastic pants:)

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London sissy UK

New PINK items ordered:)


Most of these items are in medium and a few in med/large.  

There are also 2 petticoat tutus arriving so that those little ones who wear the dresses and skirts can have them sticking out like a puff ball (like in these photos).  What a stunning look that is.

Showing Nanny Alice respect.

ATTENTION - For those who are intenting to visit my bizarre nursery.



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