Thank you Alex...

A big thank you to "Alex", you know who you are. He has sent me some more of his wonderful images and has given permission to publish one here.

(All models are over the age of consent) 


Random ball busting.

Pedestal Club visit...


I, Nanny Alice, visited Pedestal club here in London (for dominant woman and submissive men) with a naughty slutty sissy and my 'twin sister' Mistress Hourglass (wink wink). Naughty JJ needed and GOT a thorough spanking on numerous occasions throughout the evening. What a spanking good time we had, and what a red bottom JJ left with :)

Nanny in 'creamy' plastic :)


Yes, I know I know, I need to update my website! But being as busy as I am, things slack off. Hopefully my long awaited updated news will start to appear as my elderly very straight laced maid can help me now as she has become computer literate!

I have also deleted my Twitter link etc, as there are only so many hours in the day and I am too busy with 'one to one' sessions, which is at the heart of what I do, to be unduly focused on all that!

Alex misbehaving AGAIN!

ABDL Nursery London UK


"Am I impressed? I think not Alex. Go and stand in the corner next to the large cupboard.  

Now me and my AB/DL and LIttle Sissy Nursery is seen via Skype.

I have been having a good many requests from all those Adult Babes, Diaper Lovers, Little Sissies and curious out there, living far, far away (and the shy and nervous closer by;)) to see a bit more of me, Nanny Alice and my very special Nursery;)  

So, you now can, via Skype!

Nanny checking the state of your wet nappy.

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London UK

Nappy changing required, but not too quickly after wetting. Nanny will make adult men who act like sissies wait!!

Horror "Boys dressed as Girls"!!

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London UK

Are you one of those boys?

A new photo Gallery has been included.

Nanny Alice's Adult Baby (ABDL) Nursery London UK

Have you had a look at my new gallery here at my bizarre sissy Nursery in the heart of West London.  I am proudly in the position to introduce "Candy", a REAL sissy ABDL female who also lives in the UK.


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