ATTENTION 'Online Safety Bill'

It is NOT illegal here in the UK for people to engage in sex work.

But, the "Online Safety Bill" currently going through parliament, could make it difficult, or almost impossible for ladies such as myself to advertise online in the future.

Wish List

It is certainly not expected of me to receive gifts from visitors but from time to time I am given them...

For guidance purposes, so gifts don't go to waste -

Dry Red/White wine (to share with my maid Ella).

Activity : Outcall

My 'twin' Miss Alice Silk is off having an adventure.  Off to see a diaper lover fetishisist and put him through his paces. Lots of preparation beforehand so she can glide into the hotel that's around the corner from Heathrow, without a hitch."

Copyright @ Nanny Alice 2021. Any illegal reproduction of this content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned."

Activities and roleplay - Sweaty gym gear makes an appearance...

Who knows what is lurking underneath my uniform...? You have to follow orders and report to the sick bay... What have you been getting up to in the school gym sessions? Lurking at the back, with all the girls in front of you...?

Discipline, that's what is missing from this young man's life, DISCIPLINE!"

Roleplay : Nephew visits to discover his true secret self...

... Yes, to discover his true secret self. That self that he hides away from the world. Those hidden desires that need to find release. First an ice cold shower to activate his tingly self, then a mouth soaping as did I not hear a rude word escape from his lips. Then I fancy a back rub to get me in the mood to present my toosies for him to lavish attention on. And what part of my nephew needs attention lavished on...? His teenie, weenie penis. That's right.

Activities and roleplay - Enema, locked in mittens, curtsying and snacks :)

Spruced up, inside and out... That is what the peppermint or lavender enema will achieve for today's visitor! It's all about CONTROL... Firm but fair, loving, a touch of sensual... Feeling held, not smothered in my capable hands. CONTROLLED with dainty chains using locks and keys, tied to your soon to be willing wrists. Hands need to be padded in my no nonsense nursery mittens. Big little ones have habits... Habits that need to be nipped in the bud.

Roleplay : Stingy cane and stripes...

Nurse Alice is going to leave marks on a very delicate pale bottom. Naughty school boy has been breaking the rules in regard to not keeping away from hiding in the girls toilets....!! As the assistant of Headmistress, located in the First Aid Room, it's my job to punish him, s-e-v-e-r-e-l-y. Naturally there is a reward to motivate this school boy. It's not just all about bendy bamboo canes.

Roleplay : Swathed in creamy white see through plastic.

Nanny Alice, in Goddess Plastic Alice mode. A complete crinkly russle, that's what I have become. Imagine me pressing my buttock cheeks into your terry nappy, whilst you wear a blindfold so your sense of touch can take over. Swathed, suffocated...

"Copyright @ Nanny Alice 2022. Any illegal reproduction of this content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned."

Activity - Matron Alice's spider web.

Secret sissy is going to be taken up a notch or two with golden showers, or commonly known as watersports. Gargling with my, Matron Alice's natural flow, no swallowing quickly and making funny faces!  Remembering it's not all fun and games, that you also need to be TRAINED up in the art of humiliation. And naturally, I am not made of stone so there is the spider's web to be lapped, or should I say, lickup up!!...

Roleplay : "Mummy" Alice

Mummy Alice getting ready to put naughty sissy though their paces - Bottom spanked, counting rounds of 6, dressed up in lingerie, brushing up against my lap. Lashes of lipgloss. What more could sissy want!...?

"Copyright @ Nanny Alice 2022. Any illegal reproduction of this content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned."


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