My photos are...

NO editing, NO airbrushing, NO photoshop of images of Nanny Alice. No plastic surgery. 

No unpleasant surprises when you see me for the first time.

Authenic, natural. What you see is what you get. 

Selfie below taken in my downtime.

I am promoting this aspect of my sessioning as it's a big positive for visitors to experience.

I look like my photos. I keep my images 'real'.

Not into heavy makeup (though I love lipstick:) ) or crafty lighting, prefer natural grooming.

Am not perfect, but I am authentic and honest.

Hopefully my natural talents and vivid imagination shine through.


 Nanny Alice's Adult Baby Nursery London















Clear skin, sparking eyes, well rested and it shows. Do not do more than one extended session per day.

No rush, no stress, no mobile on. No excessive clock watching.

We always have a chat before we begin. A time for me to get to know you a bit better and to go over medical issues.

A time for you to feel more comfortable in my space if you are visiting for the first time or if returing, an opportunity to unwind.

Then you have your full 'play-time' that you have tributed me for.

Afterwards, an opportunity to have a hot shower and something to drink before leaving.

Have no interest in how many people I can stuff through the front door. 

Quality of my session is very important to me, rather than quantity. 

Aproximately 85% of my visitors are returnees.