ATTENTION 'Online Safety Bill'

It is NOT illegal here in the UK for people to engage in sex work.

But, the "Online Safety Bill" currently going through parliament, could make it difficult, or almost impossible for ladies such as myself to advertise online in the future.

I will be legally required to prove every UK visitor to my websites is over 18 years old. To do this, I will have to pay out 50p for each and every person to visit my websites. This is not each and every person who books an appointment...  No, it's each and every person who just wants to look around. How many people who want to view my content are going to be comfortable handing over their ID ie drivers license, passport etc? Not many. As visiting a lady such as myself is a private discreet matter, and rightly so. As it is, deposits can be left either by an online voucher (that is anonymous) or put straight into my back account (where I get my clients real name, and they get mine). How many men have, especially if they don't know me, wanted to hand over their personal details etc? Very few. So I know the reality of these requirements. It will drive clients away.  Mistress directories and community websites, they will just disappear as well...

So, those of you who have visited me in the past, who rely on my website to contact me, those of you who have been reading my website from time to time, with the view of maybe seeing me in the future, and/or those of you who want a few options available as to what is out there, BDSM Mistress wise, SAVE my contact details.

You may not be able to access my website in the future, though I am modifying it over the next couple of months. Even so, this doesn't mean it will then be allowed to be 'on air'. As it is, none of us actually know how this 'Online Safely Bill' will be enforced. I mention the above as I know some of you, even if having visited me in the past, contact me through my website.

I know it may sound obvious, but it is not so for some... At the moment you can still Google my name, either Miss Alice Silk (with BDSM, cross-dressing London UK), and/or Nanny Alice (with ABDL BDSM London UK), to find my website. Typing and/or in the address bar of your browser will bring up my websites.

I also can be found through my paid advertising, for the moment...

The alternative, to guarantee you are able to contact me in the future, is to SAVE my number, given to you when having got hold of my through filling out my contact form. There are all sorts of different ways of doing this DISCREETLY. Please use your common sense! No need to actually put this exact number in your contact list. You could change the last 4 digits around, or something I like to do is go up 1 digit for the last 4 digits. Just remember whatever code you decide to use!

You can also save/remember by email address and/or

I was not able to get sites up due to blocking software by my ISP. So there is that to consider, as well as mobile providers blocking software, or due to settings on your browser. Others are set up as being in other parts of the world due to their VPN code, so they can't access a site like mine, even though I am able to...

We loose out in a way as feel due to my screening process that I am a good match for the vast majority of people who visit me, and they are a good match for me. Having my own website, having a contact form, screening potential clients, have that down to a fine art. Have been able to show my 'wares' as it were to a greater degree now than I will most likely be able to in the future. Am able to give viewers as taste as to my style of BDSM, so clients can make a more informed choice as to who to see. But it looks like professional BDSM advertising may fall foul of the 'Online Safely Bill'. So any sort of nude images will have to be removed, as will my having to trawl though my written word and try and figure out what could cause offence and remove it. I have to present myself in a sanitized version. As it is, would not be embarrassed if my 23 year old niece saw my websites, I keep things pretty low key as it is. But with these new censorship laws, who knows what the powers to be will take offence to.

As it is, I am not retiring. It is no illegal to be a professional Dominatrix, even if so much around this industry and other sex worker industries are illegal. I don't work with other dommes as that is illegal (though I don't agree with this law, I follow it). Pay all my taxes as that is the moral thing to do, and is a legal requirement. I stay on the right side of the law. But it's becoming more and more difficult for ladies such as myself to just get on with our careers and be left in peace.

I choose, freely, to work as a dominatrix. I work in a discreet, professional manner, am a grown woman and of sound mind. This is MY CHOICE.

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P.S. Able to give me, a professional dominatrix, and ladies such as myself any legal advice in regard to the above matter, please do drop me a line. Thank you.