Activities and roleplay - Enema, locked in mittens, curtsying and snacks :)

Spruced up, inside and out... That is what the peppermint or lavender enema will achieve for today's visitor! It's all about CONTROL... Firm but fair, loving, a touch of sensual... Feeling held, not smothered in my capable hands. CONTROLLED with dainty chains using locks and keys, tied to your soon to be willing wrists. Hands need to be padded in my no nonsense nursery mittens. Big little ones have habits... Habits that need to be nipped in the bud.

A snack, a little something, including banana and apple as I don't want your energy flagging now, do I.

I took notice of what you dream of seeing me in, two outfits caught your attention. And I wore a bit from both of them... Red shining PVC with French see through apron. As I don't want to get all messy now do I!! Bit by bit, all will be revealed after your nap in the AB cot.

Yes, all will be revealed LOL... Curtsying, do you know how to!? It's not all "doom and gloom" at my bizarre ABDL Nursery. It's FUN as well!! Time to be playful, wriggling your bottom, hips swaying... I need to put you through your paces (I think I am quite mad, but you certainly will be)... :)

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