Boarding school 'nursery' in the 1950's.

The school caters for boys from the age of 5 to 13, but because of bad behaviour  insolence, my bullying and threatening of younger boys, and general tantrums I have been kept down a couple of years and am still at school at the age of 15.


The school Matron Alice runs the establishment, although the headmaster protests he is in charge.


Matron's cure for bad behaviour is to take delinquent boys from their dormitories and place them in a small baby nursery directly controlled by her.  The full baby treatment and strict discipline is imposed. She has help from her nursery nurse assistant, as well as part time help from older teenage girls who live locally in the village.  These girls love the idea of having some control of these big babies (Matron Alice has FULL control) who they consider are spoilt, rich brats. 


Although the eldest boy in the school I am kept in sweet and adorable baby outfits in the nursery. The headmaster agrees with Matron that my treatment and humiliation serves as a very good example and warning to younger boys. 


Matron's added humiliation is to expose me, dressed me up in frilly, flouncy  satin, baby pink dresses with matching panties  at general school gatherings.  She parades me around the school grounds at break time and before a return to the nursery for an early bedtime. 


On other occasion Matron Alice, exasperated by my childish behaviour, made me attend school assembly in these infant clothes. What a spectacle I made of myself.  The humiliation was unbearable as I was directed by her to take my place at the front of the assembly hall. I had no choice but to conform, disobeying Matron Alice is just not an option! She sat next to me with that glint in her eyes. All the staff were all too aware of my predicament! And the students, all younger than me.  The look in their eyes, out like saucers as they watch my every move.....


How I managed to endure another day, I just don't know...