'baby' outside in her pram...

I, Nanny Alice know of a very naughty baby who has a particular fantasy of being put in a baby harness and strapped into a large pram and then paraded and on public display. Naturally, I being Nanny, and the no-nonsense variety, am in control. On the first occasion I go about wheeling my tiny little helpless charge, as she squirms in the pram, down the street and to the local Park.  I am all too aware of baby's embarrassment and humiliation.


On another occasion (as the weather is so warm naughty baby is being taken on LOTS of outings!!) the destination is more distant and discreet, Richmond Park.  I decide to allow my young man out of the pram for a little walk to stretch his legs, firmly held by his baby reins of course.


In the distance we here small children running around and playing in the sunshine and squealing in delight. Nanny then spies a group of giggly school girls in the distance.  They happen to spy the path we are on and, in their starched uniforms start approaching baby and I.  Though they are some way off I can clearly see them. Can they see me, and more importantly, can they see BABY?? All dressed up in her little white lace smock, with gorgeous matching bonnet and mittens. Baby runs behind my full back pleated skirt and peeps around my hip to horror as they get closer and CLOSER.


Will they notice baby all dressed up in her finery. And a very LARGE baby at that! Will they see her white socks with bows and rosebud ribbons, her bonnet pulled right down and nearly covering her eyes. Will they notice I am trying to drag baby by the harness from behind me as I just have got to, GOT TO put baby back in the pram and cover her with the baby blanket comforter BEFORE these teasing, assertive, bitchy school girls are right upon us.


How will baby cope? Being EXPOSED for the little helpless baby she is....


What happens next readers?