Baby Hospital by Alice Boo

Based on my visit to Nanny Alice


I arrived to be met by Nanny Alice in her beautiful long blue 1940s Nurse's outfit with starched white apron. Nanny Alice welcomed me in and showed me around the nursery in the baby hospital and explained that as I hadn't been well I would be spending some time in her care while I got better. 


Nanny showed me the cot and the changing table as well as the high chair and then all the lovely outfits and bibs and aprons and shoes and toys. I was in heaven.


Nanny told me that as the hospital was a very hygienic place we would start with a bath to make sure I was nice and clean.  Nanny undressed me and popped me in a fluffy pink robe and ran a lovely warm bath with LOTS of bubbles. She popped me in the bath and then opened up a brand new pink sponge which she washed me with very thoroughly. She washed every square inch of my body including my girly bits and then washed my hair while giving me a lovely head massage. She then rinsed me with the shower and dried me with a huge pink fluffy towel before popping me back in the fluffy pink robe. 


She then lead me to the changing table as Nanny didn't want any accidents! Nanny popped on some pink disposable gloves and her face mask then slipped a huge white disposable nappy under my bottom and then very thoroughly powdered all my girly bits and rubbed nappy rash cream in too before tightly taping on the nappy. 


After that Nanny chose my first outfit which was to be a gorgeous pink plastic romper suit. Before that though and to make sure I didn't have any leaks Nanny chose a pair of plastic pants and slid those over my legs and up over my nappy. 


Nanny carefully slipped the plastic romper on me and zipped it up which felt gorgeous. she patted my bum and checked me all over and then told me it was time for drinks which would help me get better. 


Nanny put me in the high chair and locked me in after which she brought me a cute pink baby bottle full of yummy apple juice and a snack of baby rusks and chopped up apple. I was giggling with delight as Nanny then tied a big pink plastic bib around my neck as she'd heard I was a messy little one! 


What I didn't think Nanny knew was that while she fed me and gave me my bottle I was having a huge wee in my nappy which felt incredibly warm squishy! At least I thought she didn't know because as soon as I finished my drink and snack Nanny said she thought she'd better check me and put her hand over my nappy and said "Ah yes, just as I thought, time for a nappy change Alice!". 


Nanny helped me out of the high chair and over on to the changing table where she donned clean gloves and expertly removed the soaking nappy and put another one under me before thoroughly cleaning me with gorgeous smelling Johnsons baby wipes. She spent a lovely long time making sure every bit of me was sparkling clean as she didn't want any nappy rash and then powdered and applied more cream before taping me in to the lovely clean nappy. 


After that Nanny told me that it was going to be story time so she had decided to dress me in the lovely Alice in Wonderland dress and apron. To go with it she chose the beautiful satin blue bloomers which were plastic lined. Just to be extra sure we didn't have any leaks nanny put me in a pair of pink plastic pants first, then the blue satin plastic lined bloomers. I then got up and Nanny zipped me in to the blue Alice dress followed by the HUGE white apron and cute socks and white flat shoes. 


At this point Nanny asked if I knew how to curtsey which I didn't so she gave me a lesson and I felt just adorable in that outfit watching myself curtsey in the mirror. 


As I was getting tired from all the excitement Nanny decided she would read me a story so we both sat in the cot and Nanny read me the whole of Cinderella while we cuddled up. While we cuddled Nanny fed me a whole bottle of milk which made me do another huge wee while we sat close together. 


Following the story Nanny once again somehow knew that my nappy was wet and put me back on the nappy changing table for a change. This time as Nanny knew I was a big wetter Nanny took off her white cotton apron and put on a clear plastic one along with some new gloves and a face mask. She expertly removed my nappy and then cleaned me up with lots more lovely wipes. At this point Nanny told me it was ok if I helped while she examined me so she gave me some gloves to wear and some cream. Nanny then carefully examined my bottom with her gloved hands while I rubbed the cream into my girly bits until I made creamy weewees all over my tummy. 


Nanny cleaned me up one last time before putting a clean nappy on me and putting me in the cot to have very very sweet dreams.