Nanny Alice - London UK. A warm welcome to my Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) Nursery.

Nanny Alice BDSM nursery London UK

 Nanny Alice's Adult Baby, Diaper Lover (ABDL) & Sissy Nursery here in London (UK) is now open.  

Why not drop me a line and introduce yourself (click here).

Just look what ABDL Nanny Alice has just gone and ordered (CLICK HERE). I can't wait for them to arrive and I bet a good many of you can't either:)

Next to al the frillies...

For those of you who yearn to regress back to a more innocent time (or not so innocent;)) and visit an Adult Baby Nusery here in London, UK. Do you have an interest in Infantilism? If so, I Nanny Alice in London look forward to hearing from you.

Are you an adult baby, a little sissy, a diaper lover, naughty school boy or girl?  This website is a place for you to make yourself comfortable and explore what I, Nanny Alice, have to offer you at my Adult Baby Nursery here in London, UK.

Novices, as well as the experienced are all welcome to contact me.

Your dreams become reality at my Adult Baby nursery, tucked away in the heart of London. Confidentiality is assured.

I, Nanny Alice, am focused on my visiting charges.  There is a nursery maid in a room next door whilst I am busy with my nanny duties. She helps me keep everything 'spick & span' in the Adult Nursery here in West London, as well as washing and sterilising all the baby paraphernalia (bottles, dummies, laundry , etc.).

I have a beautiful white custom made AB cot and highchair, inspired from a 1950s American nursery design. There is also a large nappy changing table (that I also use for baby massage) with a huge mirror overhead, examination sling for all those 'probing' internals, an hourglass spanking bench and bondage frame for those of you with VERY wayward behaviour!!, baby harness, an adult baby training potty... and plenty of full length mirrors for me to keep an eye on you, even if my back is turned! I have a large selection of adult baby clothes, little sissy party dresses, cute girly shoes, frilly plastic pants, school items, nappies, wigs, etc.

There are also numerous activities to keep my little ones stimulated and occupied during their visit to this very special corner of West London, my Adult Baby nursery.

I, Nanny Alice, am a firm believer in good old fashioned values, harping back in the days of my favourite era, the 1950s. I like nothing more than to lavish my charges with tender loving, tactile care as well as a firm but fair approach when necessary.

I am an adherent to using good old fashioned disciplinarian measures to bring out the best when my babies and little sissies test nanny, seeing how far they can go. Naturally, I only want what is good for my charges.  Being the unique little one you are, your time at my Adult Baby nursery is tailor made with your individual adult baby/sissy needs in mind!

I, Nanny Alice, have a background in Humanistic psychotherapy (formally accredited with the BACP) and a deep understanding of the requirements my little charges bring to my Adult Baby nursery. I never leave my little ones to their own devices and under my caring but firm guidance they blossom and flower. All different aspects of my personality can be encountered in my cosy Adult Baby nursery, such as an old-fashioned 1950s trained 'Norland' Nanny, a soft mumsy figure, a sexy step-mother, a warm Auntie, relaxed baby-sitter, authoritarian governess, bossy matron or a VERY strict modern Nanny.

To enquire about visiting my West London Adult Baby nursery here in London, and meeting me Nanny Alice, why not fill in my contact form.

Nanny Alice ABDL medical exam

.... An Adult Baby Nanny here in London, UK.